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I happen to love being creative. I have moved around from major to major wanting to be technical and creative, but didn’t find it in Computer Science nor Information Systems. Finally, Communication Technology is and shall be a home for my creative attributes that I shall share with and for the world.

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Richard D. Holmes’s Resume
I’m an aspiring Web Designer and Cinematographer with a associates in Computer Science.  I’m now pursuing my BS in Communications Technology.

I graduated from A. Philip Randolph High School  wayyyyy back.  ???  I’ve also attended and graduated from 2 Business Schools in 1995 and 2002.

I am a certified office assistant and a Certified Administrative assistant.

I have a 16 year old daughter who is currently attending H.S.

I shall add more to my bio as I go.


A little Fashion Statement from Yours Truly!!

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    1. Send me your phone number and I’ll text them to you. Also, I have videos of each group. The Official Video copies too.

  1. Can you post pictures of group called mysterious Shawty’s you took pictures of them at dance competition on March 3rd

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